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OUR MISSION: To provide custom mental health and wellness resources that expand, complement, and elevate the outreach efforts and programs of your organization.

OPERATION REACH OUT, LLC works with clients to develop customizable wellness apps, programs, and educational materials (in digital and printed formats) to help individuals and organizations deal with many vital issues including suicide prevention, sexual assault prevention, substance abuse, bullying, stress, PTSD, and more.

Our library of award-winning apps and other resources are effective in promoting mental wellness and improving mental health among thousands of service members and their families. The critically acclaimed ORO Suicide Prevention app is highly ranked among the world’s leading mental health apps by top mental health professionals, and news sources like PsychCentral.com and Business News Daily.

Let us work with your organization to create cost-effective tools to help you accomplish your mental health mission and together impact countless lives!


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What clients say

  • I came across the Operation Reach Out app upon the recommendation of SFC Joseph Kern, the R3SP Program manager here at JFHQ for the NJ National Guard. I downloaded it to my phone and began looking at the resources, videos and activities included in the app. As the Suicide Prevention Program Manager for the State Guard, I will be sure to recommend to every soldier trained that they download this life-saving resource on their phones.   As I looked through the app, what caught my attention is the way the army's ACE (Ask, Care, Escort) interventional tool is woven throughout the app. Though it is not specifically called ACE, the principles of it are inherent in each video vignette to help either the individual in crisis or friends of the individual in crisis.   Having worked on a suicide help line in NJ in the past, this app would be valuable for that type of work as well. KUDOS for offering lifesaving help in your Operation Reach Out app.
    Michael P. Woods Suicide Prevention Program Manager / Accenture Federal Services JFHQ, NJARNG
  • My wife and I both made suicide attempts after being discharged. I found this app during my recovery period. We use it during our ‘down periods.’ The videos and information have helped us both beyond words.”
    Retired Air Force, OIF Veteran United States Air Force
  • Mettie’s openness is inspiring, she speaks with a full heart. Her practical exercises engage the audience. She humbly presents a heavy topic with relational ease, humbly demonstrating her resilience through lived experience.
    Aaron Rasch, State Coordinator Peer Run Organizations, ILR
  • After Mettie’s Ending the Silence program 99% of the students requested that Mettie return. Mettie returned and facilitated her “Decide to Rise” resiliency training for 100 Wisconsin youth leaders. Sharing her story helped break down stigma, gave hope, and prompted an open discussion about a difficult subject.
    Sara Doherty, Community Prevention Coordinator Elevate INC.
  • I attended a NAMI Wisconsin conference where Mettie captured the spirit of loss and turned it into positive action. Her story is an inspiration and motivation. The hour presentation kept everyone engaged with humor, emotion, personal affect, and hope. Mettie is the real deal and someone who leaves a lasting impression on the heart and mind.
    Deeatra Kajfosz, Founder LiFE OF HOPE
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